13 October 2017

SOS Children’s Villages opens a new Interim Care Center to help displaced children in the Syrian region of Tartous

Tartous, Syria, August 27, 2017 – SOS Children’s Villages has opened a new Interim Care Center (ICC) in Tartous that will serve 450 unaccompanied and separated children, as well as those who have lost parental care.

Tartous, a coastal region of Syria, hosts nearly half a million refugees displaced by the six-year-war in the country. Thousands of them are children traumatized by conflict, displacement and in some cases have lost their families. By opening the new ICC in Tartous, SOS Children’s Villages will be in a position to help internally displaced children and families who are in dire need of assistance.

“The war took everything from our children,” said Samar Daboul, President of SOS Children’s Villages Syria Board of Directors, during the opening ceremony. “Many of them lost their homes, families and hopes. We believe that opening this and other interim care centers and child friendly spaces will mitigate the impact of the war and help these children regain their childhood.”
The ICC in Tartous will operate for three years and will provide safe shelter, psychological assistance, educational activities, medical care and entertainment. Specially trained staff will be available to help children reunify with their families, as it remains one of the priorities for the SOS emergency relief programs around the world.  

SOS Syria also operates a Child Friendly Space in Tartous offering activities for more than 350 children. The Child Friendly Space collaborates with UNICEF to provide courses and educational support for 1,100 internally displaced children.

About SOS Children’s Villages Syria

SOS Children’s Villages has worked in Syria for more than 30 years, providing care for vulnerable children. The first SOS Village in Damascus has been operating since 1981. Currently in Damascus, we provide care for 400 children and young adults and support 340 vulnerable families. The Aleppo village, which opened in 1998, was evacuated in 2012 and all the children were transferred to Damascus.

In response to the growing humanitarian crisis, SOS Children’s Villages launched an emergency relief program in 2012 to help internally displaced people in Aleppo, Damascus and Tartous. SOS staff have provided child friendly spaces, interim care, medical referrals, educational support and humanitarian assistance throughout much of Syria’s civil war. Emergency teams also assist Syrian refugees in Lebanon and Europe.