A Circle of Support in Chicago

SOS Children's Villages USA
SOS children playing at the SOS Community Center in Chicago, IL.
Did you know that in addition to our Villages around the world, SOS Children’s Villages has three villages in the United States?  Our Chicago Village and the Chicago SOS Mothers have much to be proud of: ALL of their children graduated from high school last year!

This is especially impressive considering that over the past 30 years half of public school students in Chicago have not finished high school.

The Chicago Village is located in a housing community in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago.  The Village is home to 182 young people and includes an SOS Community Center that supports the children of SOS as well as the surrounding community.  The center provides daycare services, movie nights, computer access, and other ways to keep neighborhood children engaged and off the streets. 

Lynn Croneberger, SOS-USA CEO, and representatives from Hasbro, dedicated supporters of

SOS Children's Villages USA
SOS-USA Chief Executive Officer Lynn Croneberger took Hasbro representatives Karen Davis and Maggie Casey on a tour of the SOS Village in Chicago in May, 2013.  Hasbro has been a very generous supporter of SOS Children’s Villages for over 10 years supporting our Village in Chicago and many others around the world.  On the day of our visit, the Hasbro representatives asked for a list of the names and ages of the children so they could send each child an appropriate toy. The toys have arrived, and the children are thrilled!
SOS Children’s Villages, had the opportunity to visit the Chicago Village this May.

After touring the Village, they met with an SOS Mother who shared her pride in her daughter Kayla’s* success. Kayla came to SOS Children’s Village as a young girl, and now is doing so well in high school that she has enrolled in a special university STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program. Kayla was always a bright child, but now, with caring support, she has grown tremendously and loves her SOS family.

You can see that same love of SOS when meeting Taisha Smith.  Taisha grew up in the SOS Chicago Village as well, graduated from high school, and then from college.  Now she’s come back to the Village to volunteer for the summer. Taisha is an amazing example of the heights our SOS children reach.  With hard work in school, the love of her SOS Mother and siblings, and the support of SOS Children’s Villages, she has grown into a young adult who truly cares about the world around her.