Louis Vuitton and SOS Work to Provide Quality Education


SOS Children's Villages International
10/11/2012: In 2012, Louis Vuitton is pursuing its commitment to SOS Children’s Villages as part of their five year Global Agreement initiated in 2010 entitled "Partnership for Children’s Futures".

The aim of this global partnership, which is to be implemented at the local level, is to help shape the future of disadvantaged children across the globe; a future founded on security, education and learning.

"Through our relationship with SOS Children’s Villages, we seek to support children in their education and creative development", says Yves Carcelle, Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton. "Preserving our past and preparing the new generations for a better future is one of the founding values which have inspired Louis Vuitton for over 150 years. We believe that education is the key to helping children escape difficult environments, and we are taking this partnership even deeper by supporting education in countries where it is needed to help give children freedom from labour and poverty."


Louis Vuitton

Throughout 2011, Louis Vuitton supported local projects to renew its commitment to offer a better life to deprived children worldwide. During the spring of 2011, Louis Vuitton organised a contest between its in-house architects to develop a learning centre for SOS Children’s Villages in India. Meanwhile, the Louis Vuitton Intellectual Property Department raised funds for various initiatives. The team supported the construction of a day-care centre for children in Vietnam and the renovation of a SOS Mother and Staff Training Centre in the Dominican Republic. They also got involved in Thailand, where children’s access to education was addressed by helping with school fees. In the Philippines, families at risk of abandoning their children due to extreme poverty were also assisted.



SOS Children's Villages Guatemala
Donation for the Education of Disadvantaged Children


In 2012, the Intellectual Property Department at Louis Vuitton will make a further donation of approximately $500,000, to continue several actions initiated in 2011 and fund new projects. With this donation, Louis Vuitton will reinforce its long-term involvement in the Philippines and in the Dominican Republic to improve and increase access to education among young people. Among the new projects, Louis Vuitton will get involved in South Korea, to develop various educational activities for children. In Indonesia children will be helped to attend school. In Venezuela, families in extreme poverty will be supported, where a strong focus will be placed on the protection of children’s rights and education.

"Child labour contradicts our values"

"Child labour is an international issue that contradicts the values we share with Louis Vuitton, those of a safe, educational and loving environment where children can grow", says Richard Pichler, Secretary General of SOS Children’s Villages International. "This joint initiative with Louis Vuitton is helping children to learn and develop into adults with the skills to be independent and be responsible for themselves in society."

Many children do not have the choice but to work for a living, and therefore do not have the opportunity to go to school. Louis Vuitton and SOS Children’s Villages are continuously improving education in a safe and caring environment, allowing a maximum number of children to access it.