4 November 2014

SOS Presents Post-2015 Petition to U.S. Ambassador

CEO Lynn Croneberger and U.S. Ambassador Elizabeth Cousens

On October 24th, SOS Children’s Villages USA’s CEO Lynn Croneberger and a team of SOS advocates met with U.S. Ambassador Elizabeth Cousens and her staff at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in New York. During the meeting, SOS presented its Post-2015 petition, with its 28,000 supporting signatures, and discussed why it is critical that in order to end poverty and inequality, and create a better world for all, we must protect the needs and rights of the most vulnerable children and youth.

Additionally, government leaders and change makers from around the world came together in September in New York for the 69th United Nations General Assembly. Throughout the meetings and events, leaders from governments, and international and local non-governmental organizations discussed a variety of pressing global issues. Many events focused on the need to build momentum to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by the end of 2015, and to create a comprehensive action plan for eradicating poverty post 2015.

Again, the CEO of SOS Children’s Villages – USA and a team of advocates were on the ground, meeting with change makers to deliver our position on the Post-2015 Development Agenda and represent the needs and rights of orphaned and abandoned children.

SOS also participated in a panel discussion entitled “Ensuring Sustainable Development: Making the Post-2015 Framework an Agenda for People’s Equity” alongside the governments of Denmark, Norway and Ecuador, as well as organizations like UNICEF and Equity for Children. Paula Guillet de Monthoux, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages – Denmark, represented SOS and spoke about the ways the Post-2015 Development Agenda can address the inequalities hindering the success of global development efforts.

SOS Children’s Villages remains engaged in the ongoing dialogue around achieving sustainable global development, eradicating poverty and inequality, and improving life for people around the world. With over 60 years of experience globally working on children’s rights issues and with vulnerable children, we understand the challenges these children face in overcoming poverty. We also see the immense contribution they can make to their communities, countries, and the world, when they are included in development efforts.