12 February 2016

SOS Children's Villages responds to 'cessation of hostlities' in Syria

Statement by Alia Al-Dalli, International Director of SOS Children's Villages MENA Region, in response to the agreement on a "cessation of hostilities" in Syria:

CASABLANCA, Morocco, February 12, 2016 -- SOS Children’s Village’s welcomes today’s international agreement on a cessation of hostilities in Syria. Children’s rights are universal and unconditional. We hope that the cessation of hostilities will lead to a rapid improvement in conditions for supporting vulnerable children. But in any situation – whether in war or in peace – children’s rights are not open for negotiation. It should never, even in wartime, be acceptable for children to go without food, shelter, and care.
Alongside our colleagues in other organizations working to relieve the suffering of children and other civilians, we wait to see how the reality of a halt to the fighting is reflected on the ground in Syria. Our hope is very much that the besieged areas such as Madaya, Kafaya and Foah, alongside the other 13 encircled towns identified by the UN, are allowed full access to humanitarian aid and medical supplies.
Regardless of how long this cessation of hostilities lasts, SOS Children’s Villages will do all that we can to assist the children of Syria.