27 October 2008

SOS Children's Villages Provides Solution to Human Rights Project


The Trouble with the Alphabet a book highlighting human rights issues
SOS is featured in "The Trouble with the Alphabet" book about human rights. Purchase your copy today!


10/23/08 - SOS Children's Villages is joining a national human rights exhibition on October 24, 2008. Working in 132 countries to provide orphans with a family and protect the rights of all children in need, SOS is honored to be included in a newly published book by Colorado artist and author Caryn West called The Trouble with the Alphabet – Through the Eyes of Innocence.

This book is an artistic and literary journey into the heart of human rights violations and suffering of children around the world.  It also addresses the many issues including genocide, child labor, human trafficking, war crimes, poverty and AIDS.

SOS is featured in the book under the letter "J" for continued support of orphaned and abandoned children in Jamaica.

The Trouble with the Alphabet invites the reader to consider these issues through vibrant portraits that illustrate the emotions and vulnerability of each child. It challenges indifference and apathy through poetic messages delivered through a child's eyes. The books includes organizations, like SOS, that provide answers, strategies and a platform for every reader to become a giver, a doer and an activist.

SOS will receive 10% of the proceeds from books purchased at the The Trouble with the Alphabet store, so purchase your copy today.

This book is part of a larger human rights project that will be touring the country. Visit the first exhibit of The Trouble with the Alphabet between October 24, 2008 and December 20, 2008 at the Ditto Gallery in Denver, Colorado. The exhibit is open to the public. The exhibit has been modeled after Exhibit Darfur which is currently booked for over 26 venues in 2009. Click here to view a video of the launch.

Click the thumbnails below to view larger images from the book and to learn more about SOS Children's Villages presence in Jamaica.


Buy The Trouble with the Alphabet human rights book now!