30 December 2014

SOS-USA Vision for 2015

Dear Friends,

Happy New Year!

I want to take a moment right now, before we all get busy again, to thank you for your support of SOS Children’s Villages-USA over the past year.

As you know, our work here is guided by one simple idea – that every child deserves a loving family and a home. But achieving that vision isn’t easy. That's why I’m so grateful for your support!

2014 was a particularly dangerous year for the world’s children, but thanks to generous donors like you, SOS Children’s Villages was able to respond quickly for children and families in need.

  • For the estimated 4,000 Ebola orphans in West Africa…
  • For the children in our Villages in Israel and the Palestinian territories as bombs fell around them…
  • For the children like Jeremy in Nicaragua and Eoyhsa in Ethiopia, both of whom I met last year, both of whom were in danger of sacrificing their educations due to circumstances beyond their control…
  • For millions of children suffering through war, poverty, and disaster with no one else they can count on…

For all of these children in all of these places…you and SOS Children’s Villages were there.

These children are our future – our best opportunity to create a more peaceful and prosperous world for all. With so much depending on them, it’s our responsibility to protect their rights and invest in their futures.

In 2015 you can count on SOS Children’s Villages to leave no stone unturned when it comes to doing whatever we can for the world’s orphaned and abandoned children.

For example, we are as ever committed to keeping families together as we are to providing loving homes for children who have lost their families. In 2015 we will expand our family-strengthening programs, which support at-risk families with things like counseling and financial support to help them survive difficult times.

We must also be prepared to care for more children in emergency situations in places like the Philippines, West Africa, Syria and Nigeria. We don’t know where the next disaster will occur, but with your help we will be there to help the most vulnerable victims. 

I’m especially excited about new efforts this year to implement standards for gender equality within our organization, as well as expanding our work to empower women and girls and engage both males and females in finding solutions to gender inequality. 

We’ll also continue our support for young people beyond the time when they traditionally “age out” of care. I’m absolutely committed to ensuring that SOS kids are loved and cared for until they are truly ready to stand on their own and move forward to achieve their dreams.

As I look ahead to the coming year, I am very optimistic about what we can do for children—in all these ways and more.  All of this is possible because I’m able to count on generous and caring people like you.

With you by our side, I truly believe we can move closer to the day when every child has a healthy meal in the morning and a warm place to sleep at night…a loving adult to comfort them…and the chance to make his or her dreams come true.

Thank you for all you do…


For the Children,

Lynn Croneberger

Lynn M. Croneberger
Chief Executive Officer & Child Sponsor 
SOS Children’s Villages - USA 

P.S. We tell every child in our care that anything is possible for them – and it is, thanks to generous supporters like you. Thank you and best wishes for the New Year.