20 June 2018

Statement on the treatment of migrant children along the U.S.-Mexico border

When children are forcibly separated from their parents, whether crossing a border or in times of war, they are subject to irreparable harm. These traumatic events destroy a child’s sense of security and can have life-long effects on their wellbeing.

Children need care. This is more than just food and shelter. SOS Children’s Villages knows this from nearly 70 years of supporting children without adequate parental care, often in humanitarian emergencies. Child development experts confirm that denying children essential care, especially at an early age, risks deep and irreparable damage – to them personally, to their families, and society as a whole.

Children are innocent and deserve protection from harm; they have a right to care, shelter, and education; and they should have the opportunity to grow up with their loved ones whenever possible. We must never forget that compassion, love and respect are essential to ensuring that these children have a better future.