8 November 2013

Super Typhoon Haiyan Hits the Philippines

UPDATE: Super Typhoon Haiyan has left an incredible amount of devastation in its wake. At least 10,000 people have perished, and another 660,000 have been left homeless. Close to nine million people are currently in need of aid.

11/8/2013: Super Typhoon Haiyan, being hailed as the strongest storm in recent history, hit islands in the central Philippines early this morning, approximately 370 miles southeast of the capital city of Manila. In the eastern coastal city of Tacloban streets flooded with as much as ten feet of water and buildings collapsed, according to news outlets ABS and CBN.

According to CNN, some 125,000 people have taken refuge in evacuation centers across the country. Early estimates indicate the potential for millions of dollars of structural damage, leaving thousands of Philippine families without homes or livelihoods.

The people most vulnerable to the storm are the survivors of a recent 7.1-magnitude earthquake that hit the island of Bohol last month, killing 222; injuring 1,000; and displacing an additional 350,000 people.

SOS Children's Villages Safe from the Storm

With eight SOS Children’s Villages in the Philippines, SOS has been closely monitoring the movements of the typhoon.

SOS Calbayog and Tacloban are both located in the affected region. The Village Directors have informed us that although it continues to rain heavily, all SOS families and staff members are currently safe. In Calbayog, around 33 families from the surrounding neighborhood have taken shelter in the SOS Vocational Training Center.  As the typhoon is still in progress, the number of families affected by the disaster has yet to be determined.

The Philippine cities of Davao, Bataan, Lipa and Manila are now experiencing heavy rain as the typhoon is approaching these areas. Thankfully, SOS children, mothers, and staff members are all safe from the storm