Crisis in Syria

SOS Children's Villages Reaches Out to Protect Syria's Children
SOS Children's Villages International
A map of SOS Children's Villages' activities in Syria. Click to enlarge. Update: the number of IDPs in Syria has risen to 4.8 million people.

For over eight years, Syrian authorities and civil society showed a growing understanding and commitment to children’s rights. In a spirit of cooperation with SOS Children’s Villages and others, it was evident that attitude and policy was gradually shifting for the better.

Now, however, violence threatens both the safety and rights of Syrian children. Many of these children cannot return to school, as their buildings have been destroyed, have become inaccessible, or are being occupied by displaced families. Families that were struggling before the outbreak of violence, many of whom were being helped by SOS Family Strengthening Programs, have lost their sources of income, their homes, and their access to a steady supply of basic resources.

While the majority of children and families in Syria are continuing to receive food, medicine, and other necessities, the situation is becoming more desperate. Each day that violence continues is another day that endangers the well being of Syrian children. As Mr. Richard Pichler,Secretary General of SOS Children’s Villages International, stated, “Even in times of conflict, every child has the right to protection, food, health provision and education. The death or injury of any child as a result of civil unrest can only be regarded as inhumane.”

SOS teams are doing what they can to create child friendly spaces for those children who are unable to return to school or who have been forced from their homes by fighting. But SOS needs your help to ensure that vital supplies, educational tools, and psychological support continue to reach Syrian children.

How you can help:

Sponsor a child or village in Syria to help ensure that orphaned and abandoned children in Syria are raised in safe, loving homes.

Make a donation to help SOS Children’s Villages provide basic necessities like food, clothing, and medicine to children in need.

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