14 April 2014

Syria’s Children: Danger in Refuge

4/14/2014: When violence in Syria first began, many families fled to collective shelters like schools and mosques for what they thought were temporary safe havens. Three years later, these families are still waiting.

Schools and mosques are now full. Those citizens who are just leaving their homes have no place to go. Many are forced to live in unfinished buildings if they want to escape the violence near home.

An SOS Children’s Villages team paid a visit to one refugee building in February. The building lacks doors, windows and interior walls. Thirteen families live in the unfinished space, each family unit separated by plastic sheets hung from the ceiling.

A group of children ran down to greet the new visitors. In the excitement, six-year-old Ahmad was pushed on the unfinished stairs. Without a railing to catch him, Ahmad fell two stories. His father immediately rushed over. Ahmad was unconscious and bleeding. His father took him to the nearest medical center.
The SOS team accompanied them to the hospital. Doctors said Ahmad fractured his skull.
Ahmad was the fifth child to fall from the stairs in the same building in the last month. Some of the others were killed.

War continues in Syria. Just recently, the United Nations announced that a lack of funding has forced the organization to cut its food ration amount. The 1 millionth refugee crossed into Lebanon this month, too.

Ahmad’s story is not likely to make headlines. But he, just like so many others, is a victim of the Syrian war. He was forced from a safe home where his fall may have never happened.

Time must not erode our desire to care for Syria’s children.

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