18 April 2014

Syria’s Children: A Gift in the Middle of War

4/18/2014: As an SOS Children’s Villages team distributed winter clothes at the Al Radwan mosque in Aleppo, Syria, a girl named Hibatu Allah, which means ’God’s Gift’, kept being mentioned.
The SOS workers asked about the child and the mosque’s sheik told them that one day a scared young boy told him there was a black plastic bag nearby that was moving.
“I went with the boy and some of the neighbors to find out what was moving inside, and people started gathering around as we arrived,” he said.
They opened the black plastic bag to find a newborn girl, who appeared to have been abandoned immediately after birth.
No one knew who the mother might be, and many think the mother had left her close to a mosque deliberately.
A married, childless couple in the community, Yahya and Aysha, believed they were meant to find her and chose to raise Hibatu Allah as their own daughter.
SOS assisted the new parents in feeding the baby girl. Yahya and Aysha named her Hibatu Allah because they consider her a gift.
Many children are not as fortunate as Hibatu Allah. When most children are abandoned due to war, poverty and illness, they are not found and loved.
You can be a gift to these abandoned and orphaned children. Donate today.

This story is the third in a series documenting the life of children living during a civil war in Syria. Read Ahmad's story and Rayan's story.