29 May 2009

U.S. to Give $100 Million to Pakistan for Humanitarian Assistance

05/29/09 - The White House recently announced that the U.S. government will provide Pakistan with $100 million to help the two million residents of the Swat Valley who have been displaced by Pakistan's military offensive against the Taliban. The aid will go toward humanitarian relief including food, tents, and generators.

The anti-Taliban attack began in early May after the U.S. severely criticized the Pakistan government for acceding power to the Taliban in Swat Valley. Swat is only sixty miles from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

A child plays with a toy at an SOS shelter in Rawalpindi, Pakistan
A child plays with a toy at an SOS shelter in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

Recognizing that U.S. government aid is not enough, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton urged private donations as well.

Many children are among the families fleeing Pakistan's Swat region. SOS Children's Villages, which relies on private contributions, provides assistance to needy children and families across Pakistan.

SOS Children's Villages Provides Help to Orphans in Pakistan

SOS Children's Villages—the world's largest charity devoted to providing loving homes to orphaned and abandoned children—has been in Pakistan for three decades.

Due to years of civil war and military disputes over Kashmir, Pakistanis have been exposed to a life of great social misery. The toll has been especially heavy on poor and abandoned children. In SOS Children's Villages, children with nowhere else to turn have found warm homes, professionally trained local SOS mothers, a supportive community, and a bright future.

SOS rescue team helps out after 2005 earthquake in Pakistan
An SOS rescue team in Pakistan following the devastating earthquake in 2005

SOS operates eight Children's Villages and a full complement of youth facilities, schools, vocational training centers, counseling centers, and clinics in Pakistan. SOS schools, which are also open to local children, are making an especially important contribution in a country where illiteracy rates are high.

In response to Pakistan's devastating 2005 earthquake, SOS-Pakistan delivered relief items, set up a pediatric field hospital, provided safe shelter and care for vulnerable children and women, and ran a family reunion program. SOS-Pakistan is also the only organization authorized by the government of Pakistan to admit Kashmiri orphans.

If you would like to help orphaned and abandoned children in Pakistan, consider making a donation to SOS.