9 April 2014

Urgent: 202 Children Waiting in Zambia

04/09/2014: The need in Zambia is shocking. Children in Zambia represent a highly vulnerable segment of the country’s population. They are frequently neglected by their families, abused, and pushed into harsh forms of labor that may include illicit drug peddling and petty work. 
Young girls are often forced to engage in commercial sex work in order to raise income for their families. Additionally, due to devastatingly high HIV/AIDS rates in Zambia, orphaned and abandoned children are left to fend for themselves. 
Other startling facts: 
1.3 million children have lost either one or both parents
690,000 Zambian children orphaned by HIV/AIDS
75% live on less than $1.25/day
800,000 children drop out of school annually
What can you do?
The dire need in Zambia can’t be ignored. Parents are dying at an alarming rate and hope for the current generation of children is dwindling. SOS Children’s Villages currently has four villages in Zambia but 202 children are still desperately waiting for sponsors.  
These kids can’t wait any longer. So, when you choose to sponsor a child in Zambia today, the SOS Board of Directors will match your gift dollar-for-dollar for the first six months. This opportunity only lasts until April 30.

Sponsors are the backbone of SOS Children’s Villages. With your monthly gifts, you show an orphaned or abandoned child that someone really does care. As a sponsor, you surround a child with the love, stability, and security that every child desperately needs. 
Helping every child in Zambia isn’t possible today, but there is a child you can help right now.
Join our global family today by becoming a sponsor!