4 April 2014

Vincent Kompany Named International Ambassador for SOS Children’s Villages

4/4/2014: Vincent Kompany, celebrated captain of the Manchester City and Belgian national soccer teams, is now an International Ambassador for SOS Children's Villages, the world's largest organization dedicated to creating stable, loving families worldwide for orphaned and abandoned children.

“I am proud that in some small way, I can help SOS Children's Villages. And I am honored to be an International Ambassador for this amazing organization making a real difference to hundreds of thousands of children in need in the 133 countries where it operates,” Kompany said.

“If my support can help improve the opportunities for children in South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia, then I pledge to do all I can every day."

From the beginning of his soccer career, Kompany proved himself to be far from ordinary. The son of a Congolese father and a Belgian mother, Vincent grew up in a rough neighborhood in Brussels. His soccer skills were apparent from a young age, and he quickly rose to prominence in the Anderlecht Youth Club.

By age 17, he had made it to the professional level, winning the Belgian Title and Golden Boot, an award for the Best Football Player in Belgium.

It’s not only his soccer prowess that sets Kompany apart. His commitment to humanitarian work is one of his strongest passions.

In the Congo, his father’s native country, he has worked as an ambassador for SOS Children’s Villages. Since 2006, he has traveled nearly every year to help build an SOS Village. You can often find him playing a pick-up game of soccer with SOS Children or listening to stories from the SOS Mothers. His energy and dedication are what make him so well-suited to be an International Ambassador for SOS Children’s Villages.

“It inspires me,” he said. “It gives me the strength to do as much as possible. [I am] glad to feel part of the family – the global SOS family!"

Given his high-profile career and philanthropic work, Kompany receives requests to support many organizations. And from the start of his career, he has upheld unwavering and high personal standards in his choices of which organizations to support.

“I've learned that it's not always easy to track how money is dedicated within the work of an organization. Before assuming the role of an SOS Ambassador, I reviewed many organizations. I chose SOS because I believe they fit my criteria best: giving opportunities to children worldwide and offering the strongest guarantee that my time and money would be well spent. Now, after 8 years of working together, all of my expectations have been met – and even surpassed.”

Kompany says that one of his first tasks in his new role as International Ambassador will be to take his message of support for SOS Children's Villages to Brazil for the 2014 FIFA World Cup in June.

His position as an International Ambassador represents a continuation of his years of ongoing support. His support will now be expressed on an increasingly global platform, bringing awareness of SOS Children’s Villages to an even broader audience.

Richard Pichler, CEO of SOS Children's Villages International, said he is enthusiastic about the partnership.

"The globe will be tuned into the World Cup.  And the Red Devils of Belgium, captained by Vincent Kompany, are very ambitious. We are deeply flattered that he is also part of our team and that he will further develop his understanding of the very positive impact of our work, one child at a time.”

Inspired by Vincent Kompany's commitment to children in need?
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