19 February 2014

Viral Video Calls Attention to Children in Need

Our friends at SOS Children’s Villages Norway posed a very simple question: Would you help a freezing child?

But as you can see in this new video, how people respond may surprise you.

(Enable YouTube captioning for English subtitles or see transcript below.)
The video is part of SOS Norway’s campaign to call attention to the harsh conditions facing children displaced by the conflict in Syria and to provide warm clothing this winter. Nearly 4.3 million children in Syria live in poverty, are displaced, or are in the lines of fire, and nearly 1.2 million Syrian children live as refugees in surrounding countries.

In just one day, nearly half a million people watched SOS Norway’s video on YouTube. We encourage you to do the same and share it with your friends and family. Please help us spread the word about how we can help children in Syria and around the world.

Donate to SOS Children’s Villages today to support our work both in Syria and around the world.

English transcript of video:

(text): What do you do if you see a child that is freezing?
We installed a hidden camera and placed Johannes at a bus stop.

- don't you have a jacket?
- no, somebody has stolen it. I'm on a school expedition, and my teacher said I should meet her here.
- do you have a phone number to your teacher?
- no
(Man with earplugs)
- are you ok?
- no, I'm really cold
(Woman with brown coat)
- you have really thin clothing... Can I help you a little?
- yes, thank you
- look, this is warm and nice
(Woman with a ponytail):
- which school are you going to?
- Ramberg, in Moss
(Man with skies)
- just take these
- Boy says thank you a lot
Are you one who take action when you see someone that needs help?
Children in Syria Are freezing
and donate a warm jacket
SOS MAYDAY is a network of
people that take action when 
crises occurs