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  • SOS Children’s Villages - USA visits Nicaragua

    11/24/2014 - SOS Children’s Villages – USA had the pleasure of visiting Nicaragua to connect with our villages and deliver a donation of $13,000. Read more...
  • Ladi’s Story of Strength

    03/12/2014 - With nowhere to turn after the death of her husband, Ladi learns to stand on her own. Read how the SOS Family Strengthening Program helped Ladi get her life back. Read More
  • Lynn Croneberger, CEO of SOS Children’s Villages USA, visits Ethiopia

    03/04/2014 - Lynn Croneberger had the opportunity to visit SOS Villages in Ethiopia. During her travels she met with staff members, toured facilities and visited with many SOS children. View the photo gallery...
  • SOS Children's Villages Philippines

    100 Days Later: New family ties form in wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan

    02/19/2014 - More than 100 days after Super Typhoon Haiyan, the enormous toll exacted on family life in the Philippines has become clear. Read about two women who became mothers of children orphaned by the storm, and how SOS Children’s Villages is helping. An update on the situation in the Philippines….
  • SOS Children's Villages Ethiopia

    SOS Youth Wins Scholarship to Harvard

    07/22/2013 - For many, studying at Harvard is only a pipe dream. For Mekidem, a young Ethiopian man who grew up at the SOS Village in Hawassa, that dream is now a reality. Here, Mekidem talks about growing up at SOS and his plans for the future. Read more about Mekidem's scholarship...
  • SOS Children's Villages Ecuador

    SOS Ecuador Provides Impoverished Children with Opportunity

    06/26/2013 - Ecuador’s middle class has all but vanished, leaving an astonishing gap between the rich and poor, and creating little room for upward mobility. Fortunately, SOS is ensuring that impoverished children have every opportunity available. Read more about SOS Ecuador...