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  • The Boy with the Pink Shoes

    03/27/2014 - The crisis in the Central African Republic has separated many children from their families, leaving them very vulnerable. Read the story of Marc, and learn what SOS does to ensure that children are protected and reunited with their families. Read the story
  • Eunice's fight for education

    03/14/2014 - At SOS Children’s Villages, families support children in overcoming challenges. Read Eunice's story
  • SOS Children's Villages Syria

    Opening New Doors for Children in Syria

    09/10/2013 - One million children have fled Syria since the onset of a brutal civil war that has lasted over two years. SOS Children’s Villages is addressing the needs of these children by getting them back to school, giving them access to a basic right - education. Read more about sending children back to school in Syria...
  • SOS Children's Villages Ethiopia

    SOS Youth Wins Scholarship to Harvard

    07/22/2013 - For many, studying at Harvard is only a pipe dream. For Mekidem, a young Ethiopian man who grew up at the SOS Village in Hawassa, that dream is now a reality. Here, Mekidem talks about growing up at SOS and his plans for the future. Read more about Mekidem's scholarship...