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“My SOS mother always stood next to me, encouraged me to correct any wrongdoing and motivated me. She was the person behind my success. I still remember her words: ‘Whatever you do, give one hundred percent. Believe in yourself.’”

– Amul, alumna of the SOS village in Kavre, Nepal

Explore our results through our alumni, our international awards & recognition, how we've wholeheartedly responded to past emergencies or through independent reports. It's all here!

Awards & Recognition

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Measuring Our Impact

Voices & Testimonials

By the Numbers: 2017 Results

With the help of a major global management consultancy, SOS Children’s Villages developed a way to measure how your contribution translates into improving children’s lives.

What SOS Children’s Villages does is relatively easy to measure: we operate in 135 countries, reaching more than 500,000 adults and children through family strengthening programs and caring for 87,000 children in SOS families. And in 2017, we provided nearly 2 million services to families and children living in emergencies.

But do these figures fully measure the impact of your support? Impact is more than just what what’s delivered – such as giving out supplies, providing vocational training for young people and parents, or helping mothers get prenatal support. Impact is about how lives are improved, how communities grow, how the fabric of society is strengthened. While it is fairly easy for most organizations to count the services they deliver, real impact is actually a very difficult thing to measure.

Measuring impact is especially hard for organizations like SOS Children’s Villages. We support children and families in very tough situations over the long term, and sometimes it’s not clear what the impact is until long after we’ve started. We are not concerned just about short-term outcomes. Success for us is about long-term improvement in lives.

Success is also about supporting others who share our mission. SOS Children’s Villages gets involved in strengthening community networks, working with NGO partners, and advocating for governments to improve how they deliver their services for vulnerable children and families. So our impact shouldn’t be measured just by what we ourselves deliver, but also by what is delivered by those whom we empower.

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“When we talk about problems that young people have to face today, youth employment is one of the most pressing ones … We have had a very intense international partnership with SOS Children’s Villages reaching out to over 2,000 young men and women in over 26 partners countries. We’re very proud to be a partner with SOS Children’s Villages.”

– Mike Parra, CEO, Americas, DHL Express, corporate partner

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