Individual Donors

Be Inspired

“I like the idea that they have a loving home with a family atmosphere. I see the changes in my sponsored children, they look happier.”   

– Barbara Bathelt 


“It’s very gratifying to make a small difference with a little money that most people probably spend on lunch or a night out. Reading the news every day just shows the negative side of humanity, with SOS we can put caring into action and make a real difference. I also value that SOS continues supporting children until they can make a living, very important in this day and age. Not like the fostercare system who disappears once a child turns 18, regardless if they’re ready to stand on their own two feet or not.” 

– Sabine Bamber 


“It’s wonderful to hear the stories of how my small contribution is making a difference in a child’s life. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to give, and I am lucky to have the ability and venue. Thank you.”  

– Meghan Gorman-Darif (Leverett, MA) 


“As a college student, I don’t have a lot of disposable income, but my monthly donation as a child sponsor makes me feel like I am doing something to help the less fortunate, especially in supporting education. I am going to be studying abroad in Mali and look forward to meeting my sponsor child.” 

– Julia Kendall (Claremont, CA) 


 “I believe it is my responsibility as a human being to do my part in helping those less fortunate. If every person able did so, there would be much less suffering in this world. I love children and could never stand by and do nothing.”  

– Erin L. McDonald (Savannah, GA) 


“There are no borders when it comes to the welfare and care of a child. It is a global responsibility for adults regardless of race or religion to come to the aid of the innocent and dependent people on this planet.” 

– Mary Keiser (Arlington Heights, IL) 


“I remember being a child, living as a low-income family. We can ask for help, but only a few can hear us and fewer can help us. I feel that my experience and devotion will help others become a strong, secure, and confident adult in the world today.”  

– Nadine (Medina, OH)