Partners: A Joint Vision

A Global Community

“This partnership with SOS Children’s Villages brings our core values full circle and aligns with our Responsible Business commitment to Think People, Think Community and Think Planet … SOS provides to orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children more than just food and shelter; it provides them a chance to have a family and a future. Together with SOS, we will help transform lives through care, hospitality and compassion.” 

– John M. Kidd, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Radisson Hospitality, Inc.  


“What we do in GoTeach and what we do in YouthCan! is not magic. Connect experienced local employees with challenged young people. Create an environment, where they can build a relationship – and it will be of benefit not only to the young people.”  

– Christof Ehrhart, Head of Corporate Communications & Corporate Responsibility and Executive Vice President, Deutsche Post DHL 


“When we talk about problems that young people have to face today, youth employment is one of the most pressing ones … We have had a very intense international partnership with SOS Children’s Villages reaching out to over 2,000 young men and women in over 26 partners countries. We’re very proud to be a partner with SOS Children’s Villages.”  

– Mike Parra, Chief Executive Officer, Americas, DHL Express 


“In a country where poverty is prevalent, investment in education is critical to ensuring the most vulnerable communities have a chance for a brighter, more hopeful future … We are honored to partner with SOS Children’s Villages to help launch EduCare, a program that aligns with our mission to improve lives through essential services like education.” 

– Walter Panzirer, Trustee, Helmsley Charitable Trust 


“The children of today are our employees, our customers and our leaders of tomorrow. Without empowering them, we cannot expect a sustainable future.”  

– Katharina Latif, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Allianz SE