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Villages are not just about physical spaces; they’re about the people who work together to ensure that every child has a loving home and family.

It takes a village
to raise a child.

SOS Children’s Villages has over 571 SOS Villages worldwide, where nearly 84,500 vulnerable children grow up in a loving home. Our SOS Villages consist of houses and playgrounds, in addition to support services that provide education and quality healthcare, so that every child can have a normal childhood and reach their full potential.

What is an SOS Children's Village?

Safe Communities

We have over 571 SOS Villages around the world. Each of these Villages has family homes, where children live with their SOS Families. Each Village gives children all the support they need to thrive and grow in a safe and supportive community. SOS Villages often include community centers, medical facilities, schools, playgrounds and vocational training centers—all are open to the local community.

Loving Families

Central to the SOS Village is the SOS Family. When children cannot stay with their family or have no family, SOS gives them a safe home, together with their biological siblings, where they can grow up in one of our SOS Families. Each family is headed by a trained caregiver, an SOS Mother or Parent, who raises each child with the individual care and attention they need. Each family typically has 6-10 children, who live together as siblings.

Stable Homes

At the heart of each of our SOS Villages are the homes where SOS families live. A typical SOS Children’s Village has 10 to 15 residential homes, each housing an SOS Family. Each house has a combined living/dining room as the center of family life, in addition to all the rooms that you would find in a typical home. The homes are central to creating a stable, secure and supportive place for children to live in a community environment with families and neighbors.

SOS Families for Life

When young people are ready to leave the SOS Village, we work to prepare them for independent living by offering vocational training and support. And although they grow up and become self-sufficient, they will always have their SOS Family. Many young adults often return to the Villages where they grew up to visit their families.


Every SOS Village is built to look and feel like home.

SOS Children's Villages are not only about places, buildings and services. They are foremost about people and their needs, hopes, capacities and relationships with one another.

Where are the SOS villages located?

There are over 570 SOS Villages worldwide, including the United States.


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