Advocate for children’s rights

Fuel positive change from the grassroots level for a child’s rights, health and education. Fight to give children a seat at the table to tell their stories and see themselves as agents of change, not victims.
  1. Educate and inform children on becoming their own advocates

  2. Advance family initiatives that raise awareness of children’s rights and the responsibilities of those around them.

  3. Engage community in changing social norms and attitudes harmful to child development

  4. Foster relations with local governments and other partners to ensure children’s rights are valued and protected.

  5. Develop standards for care of children and youth


Your tax-deductible gift to SOS Children’s Villages USA today provides children with: 

  1. Emergency relief in crisis situations
  2. Critical medical supplies
  3. Healthy meals and clean water
  4. Vital psychotherapy support
  5. Quality education and resources for distance learning



888.SOS.4KID or 888-767-4543
1620 I Street NW, Suite 220
Washington, DC 20006

SOS Children’s Villages - USA, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (EIN Tax ID # 13-6188433). It is the U.S. headquarters of SOS Children’s Villages International.
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