How it looks right now: 

I would keep the accordions if the text could be centred so that they functioned as a button with a twist. But the smallest they can go is 2/3 of the screen and the headline would still be left-aligned. 

Could potentially be combined with other solutions that don't require new pages. 

“This partnership with SOS Children’s Villages brings our core values full circle and aligns with our Responsible Business commitment to Think People, Think Community and Think Planet … SOS provides to orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children more than just food and shelter; it provides them a chance to have a family and a future. Together with SOS, we will help transform lives through care, hospitality and compassion.” 

– John M. Kidd, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer, Radisson Hospitality, Inc.  


“What we do in GoTeach and what we do in YouthCan! is not magic. Connect experienced local employees with challenged young people. Create an environment, where they can build a relationship – and it will be of benefit not only to the young people.”  

– Christof Ehrhart, Head of Corporate Communications & Corporate Responsibility and Executive Vice President, Deutsche Post DHL 


“In a country where poverty is prevalent, investment in education is critical to ensuring the most vulnerable communities have a chance for a brighter, more hopeful future … We are honored to partner with SOS Children’s Villages to help launch EduCare, a program that aligns with our mission to improve lives through essential services like education.” 

– Walter Panzirer, Trustee, Helmsley Charitable Trust 


“The children of today are our employees, our customers and our leaders of tomorrow. Without empowering them, we cannot expect a sustainable future.”  

– Katharina Latif, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, Allianz SE 

“The splendid work done by SOS Children’s Villages is charity, where deeds speak louder than words. The revolutionary idea and the general concept for providing orphaned and abandoned children with a new family and a permanent home has had a great influence on child welfare world-wide, and SOS Children’s Villages have become a model on every continent. Above all, SOS Children’s Villages shows that it is possible to create a community of brothers and sisters comprising children of all races, creeds and nationalities. The ties that develop and holds these communities together and form the basis of their upbringing is love.”   

– His Holiness the Dalai Lama 

“SOS Children’s Villages provides the foundation for life to children who need a place to call home.”  

– The late Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa & Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize 

“As a college student, I don’t have a lot of disposable income, but my monthly donation as a child sponsor makes me feel like I am doing something to help the less fortunate, especially in supporting education. I am going to be studying abroad in Mali and look forward to meeting my sponsor child.” 

– Julia Kendall (Claremont, CA) 


“I believe it is my responsibility as a human being to do my part in helping those less fortunate. If every person able did so, there would be much less suffering in this world. I love children and could never stand by and do nothing.”  

– Erin L. McDonald (Savannah, GA) 


“There are no borders when it comes to the welfare and care of a child. It is a global responsibility for adults regardless of race or religion to come to the aid of the innocent and dependent people on this planet.” 

– Mary Keiser (Arlington Heights, IL) 


“I remember being a child, living as a low-income family. We can ask for help, but only a few can hear us and fewer can help us. I feel that my experience and devotion will help others become a strong, secure and confident adult in the world today.”  

– Nadine (Medina, OH)

“I was only eight when my three little sisters and I were taken by our state social worker to the Florida SOS Children’s Village ... At SOS, I finally learned what it meant to have a home and a family, to relax without worrying about where my sisters were or if they were being taken good care of. I spent 10 years at SOS and was nurtured, guided, learned to trust again and to believe in myself and be the best I could be. I am a responsible and loving mother today because of the nurturing, care and love I was given at SOS.” 

– Wanda, SOS Florida, United States 


“SOS means home for its young people. It is very important for the development of a child to have parental care to create stability in his life so he can build a better future for himself. SOS Children’s Villages really does what it says it does. Everyone is entitled to a chance, and you help give people like me a chance. Maybe you think your contribution is small, but believe me, for children like me it means a lot! Thank you for everything you do for us, SOS Children’s Villages!” 

– Lucian, SOS Bucharest, Romania  


“I want to make sure that all young people’s voices from all backgrounds are heard, especially those who are forgotten … These include young people without parental care or at risk of losing parents; indigenous youth all over the world; those with mental or physical disabilities; and more close to home for me personally, young people in conflict-affected countries such as Nigeria, Syria and Burundi.” 

– Divine, SOS Burundi  


“My SOS mother has been, and always will be, one of the most influential driving forces in my life. She let me know that anything is possible, that I was worthy and that I was loved.” 

– Irene, SOS Pfalz, Germany  


“Even though I am thousands of miles away from my home in Ethiopia, I am still in regular contact with my SOS mother and with the village. In fact, I sponsor a little girl at the same SOS village where I grew up.” 

– Gebre-Egziabher, SOS Mekelle, Ethiopia, and SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College, Tema, Ghana 


Alternative 1: static html over background

Would probably set it up with two showcase quotes from the section and then have a Read more button underneath, which would link to a separate page. There would therefore be 4 new pages, one for each of the four categories.  The way i'd show the quotes would change but the way it is at the top of the vocies and testimonials pages right now is a decent example (it does need some refining): 

The pages that the button would link to would just be standard pages - could put photos in there etc. 

Static htlm over background can also be used with white text without the white transparent text boxes. You know what those look like so didn't think i'd need to display it. 



“We were very impressed with the SOS Children’s Village here in Rome … The team and my family enjoyed learning about the organization and getting to know the children and caregivers. This is the care all children who have been orphaned or abandoned deserve to have.” 

– Jim Harbaugh, University of Michigan Head Coach & Former San Francisco 49ers Head Coach

“As a long-time supporter of SOS, I have visited many of these unique villages personally. I can vouch for their commitment and care for the children. I ask you to please learn more about and consider supporting SOS Children’s Villages.” 

– Angelina Jolie 


Alternative 2:  Carousel. More than 3 can of course be featured. These also require pages for the 4 different categories given that each image is also a link to a separate page. 

This means that we would need more content to put on the page, or put links to elsewhere etc. 

I like it because it autoslides between them (the tempo can be adjusted). it is also very visual  


Alternative 3: Timeline

Looks okay but i'm neither a huge fan of the italics nor the number over each entry. Also, only one category would be featured because there can be no links to other pages. Meaning, it would have to be combined with other ways. 

The first set of numbers is cause I headlined the timeline posts that way - but there would still be a set of numbers in the finished product. 


Alternative 4: the weird color filling only shows up cause I have many sub-pages to this page. 

Also boring - and not very different to accordion