“I Helped Him…and He Helped Me Too.”

By David Mitchell, Governance Chair

As a Board Member and supporter of SOS Children’s Villages, I tell people you can feel good about investing in this work. You can see your impact. You can make a real difference for kids who’ve been dealt a bad hand. 

I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes. Many years ago I met a young boy in Bosnia named Eldar. His parents had been gunned down right in front of him. But the Eldar I met at the SOS village was poised, he was neat, he was helpful, and he was speaking in both Bosnian and English. And he became my
David Mitchell, and Lynn Croneberger, SOS-USA CEO (2012-2018) visiting children in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. David has visited SOS Villages around the world, including flying to Haiti to help within days of the 2010 earthquake. 

Today Eldar is a successful adult living and working in his community. I get a bit weepy just thinking about it. It matters to me that I helped him, and honestly he helped me too. 

But for thousands of vulnerable kids who are still outside of SOS Children’s Villages’ care, every day is an emergency. 

It doesn’t happen overnight. Investing in communities for the long haul takes time. Building and supporting families takes lots of resources. But when you donate to SOS Children’s Villages, you are investing in creating a family that will stick with a child through thick and thin and truly transform a life. I promise you, nothing feels better than that. 

For more information on individual or family philanthropy, please contact Craig Sarsony at (202) 407-7722 or CSarsony@sos-usa.org. If you would like to make a gift of stock, you may download the form here. Or, you may make an online gift here.