The value of simplicity

The day began with a presentation by a group of 'SOS friends' who carried out a puppet and a clown show that unleashed the joy of all participants. 'When the puppets appeared, they made me laugh a lot. I don't know why the clowns didn't want to wear their clothes well, but all that made me laugh... I have always liked the clowns,' said nine-year-old boy Sergio.  'The puppets were very crazy, and that made me laugh, too. I liked [the scene] when Pepito came out. He was a child who liked to fight a lot until he realized that fighting only causes sadness in others', added seven-year-old boy Jose Luis.

In the recreational activities, though, the children of the village were not only spectators - they also participated. For example, they danced exhibiting tremendous talent at modern Latin music rhythms. Impromptu dance steps of the children were being shown to grown-ups who certainly became tempted to reflect on the importance of keeping the spirit young. 'Only someone who is like a child can enjoy and laugh in the face of the simple, but beautiful,' an SOS co-worker of the village thought aloud.

A happy girl playing during recreational activities (Photo: SOS Archives)
A happy girl playing during recreational activities (Photo: SOS Archives)

Next, more grown-ups from the audience began to think about it. Suddenly, several voices said: 'When did it disappear, say, that unique language used by children to express the simple? To laugh when watching a puppet making silly things; to laugh at a clown's silly gestures; to jump at the beat of any sound or simply be happy sharing with those who enjoy an ice-cream or a piece of chicken'; 'Why are grown-ups not so happy with the beautiful simplicity of life?'; 'Why not make every day the Day of the Child, and give them a bit of those little things that grown-ups cherish and value so much?'.

Sometimes grown-ups, probably because of their concern for day-to-day business, seem to lose that cute and happy gaze children have, something that reminds people where we come from. As happiness and well-being are two of the fundamental rights of children, SOS Children's Villages Colombia invites you to keep in mind that we are all responsible for assuring children's well-being and children's rights.