Sponsor a child in Peru

Our children's charity in Peru since 1975

There is still much to be done to protect the hundreds of thousands of vulnerable children who have lost, or are at risk of losing, the care of their parents. Our support is crucial in this country, especially because of natural disasters which put families at great risk. Most recently, in early 2017, severe flooding left 1.1 million people in need of urgent assistance.

Too many children are forced to drop out of school

In the SOS Children’s Villages, brothers and sisters grow up together in stable homes (photo: SOS archives)

Over the past few years, the situation of the children in Peru has noticeably improved. For example, child mortality and under-five-mortality rates have dropped drastically.

However, children continue to face many difficulties. The child labour rate in Peru remains high at around 34 per cent. These children have often dropped out of school, either temporarily or permanently. Although the number of children starting primary school is very high, about one quarter of children do not go on to secondary school.

More than 250,000 children were affected by the floods in 2017. They lost their homes and access to education, as over 2,300 schools were severely damaged. Their health was also at risk because of contaminated water sources