Belief in the future

Giorgi describes himself a natural-born workaholic. This dark-haired young man in his early twenties finds no work difficult. Presently, he is engaged in a huge investment for the future.

Ever since he was a little boy, Giorgi's high spirits and diligence captured those around him. After completing primary school, he enrolled in a vocational school for designing which he completed in time and with high marks. Though his school was demanding and time-consuming, Giorgi managed to find time for part time jobs and to finish a course in hairstyling.

'I think my [SOS] siblings and friends were happier than me when I finished the course,' laughs Giorgi. Within days after getting his certificate, the children and youngsters lined-up for his hairstyling services. 'I never said no to anyone, because although I did it for free, I was actually gaining loads of experience.'


Though fascinated by the world of glitter and glamour, Giorgi is also a very realistic, down-to earth boy. 'I completed my wish for studying fashion, I managed to get my hairstyling certificate, but I was always aware of the competition and the obstacles in this industry. So, one summer I took a bartending course in order to find jobs easier.'

Studying hard for the future at SOS Social Centre Tbilisi (Photo: Katerina Ilievska)
Studying hard for the future at SOS Social Centre Tbilisi (Photo: Katerina Ilievska)

Giorgi's persistence and hard work got him seasonal employments in many popular restaurants and bars around Tbilisi. He began providing financial assistance to his biological brother and mother, and soon moved back to live with them in the small flat in Georgia's capital. Then came a disappointing time...

'The manager of the restaurant where I worked informed me that due to low business in the winter months, he had to make staff cuts. Unfortunately for me, I was one of the laid-off workers,' explains Giorgi. The industrious young man quickly replaced the initial shock with a plan.

'Of course I was disappointed,' Giorgi looks back. 'I felt confident in my skills and hard work and, despite that, I got fired. I tried to get a new job in several other restaurants, but was not successful. I think, maybe the experience left me too negative and employers recognized that. No one wants a negative bartender,' adds Giorgi with a smile.

Suddenly left with way too much free time, the workaholic used it to look back on his life. 'I went back to the time when I finished school and took a bartending course. I thought that if I did it once, I could do it again. So, I decided to go back to school and earn my classical high school equivalency diploma,' says Giorgi.

After discussing the issue and getting support from his SOS mother and his counsellor [from the SOS Youth Facility], Giorgi enrolled in a preparatory courses for the national exams. He used his savings to pay for the courses. 'One part of my savings comes from my salaries and the other from my sponsors' money gifts,' says Giorgi. 'I promised myself to give more than my best, because I'm not the only one who is investing in me.'

The exams are coming soon and by then, Giorgi will be very busy with his studying. Asked whether he's also considering university studies, he quickly says: 'One step at a time. But, who knows...' The proud optimistic young adult concludes: 'I always planned to one day spend my savings on something big. I can't imagine anything bigger than my future.'