SOS Children's Village Hyderabad

SOS Children's Villages has been working in India since 1963, our work has developed rapidly all over the country and we have been present in Hyderabad since 2003. The activities in Hyderabad started as a response to a child-care crisis in the area, and we have since continued to support the children and families of this troubled region.

In April 1999, the President of SOS Children's Villages, Helmut Kutin, heard about more than 200 infants from the province of Andhra Pradesh who had been bought from their parents by criminals, who had planned to sell them on for adoption. The children had ended up in a home run by the local authorities, where they were living under terrible conditions. SOS Children's Villages intervened: we sought to re-unite the children with their families and also give them the much-needed medical treatment and loving care they needed. Those children who could not return to live with their parents were given loving homes in newly-formed SOS families in Hyderabad.

The work of our organization is just as important nowadays as it was back then. The rapid growth of Hyderabad has resulted in an increase in poverty and an urgent need to provide families and children with support.