What Makes Senad Happy

Senad became a new member in SOS mother Jasminka's family less than a year ago. Along he brought a little brown suitcase and a strong passion for life's simple things.

'My [SOS] children and me have always been close,' shares Jasminka. 'We enjoy our calm evenings and our joint walks, but I guess we didn't come to appreciate our time together enough until Senad came. Even if we're simply watching TV, he looks around with a content smile and then starts hugging everybody. When we get ready to visit the near-by park, he literally shrieks with excitement.'

Senad gives his little sister Amila a kiss (Photo: Senad Gubelic)
Dandelions are Senad's favourite flowers, especially when he gets to blow the wishie away (Photo: Senad Gubelic)

'Senad is sad if one of us can't go to the park,' 13-year-old Anel explains. 'But we have rules and if homework is not done, you can't go.' Another rule is that the little ones must always be taken by hand until the family reaches the park. Senad prides in being a big brother to his two-year-old sister Amila and never lets her out of his sight.

'Me make Amiwa smiwe,' giggles the little one. Senad loves to pick matured dandelions and blow the white seeds away. The dance of the feathery hairs amazes the little girl so much that she gives in an adorable jingling laughter. 'Amiaaa smiiieeee!' happy Senad would then say.

Senad learns the tricks of being a good older brother from Anel, the oldest boy in the house. Anel is the one who teaches Senad to take care of his little sister, to help and love her, to always make time for her and to have patience with her. As a true role model, Anel spends hours with the two little siblings arranging plastic pins on a board into a purple flower for Amila and a green car for Senad.

Whenever outside, Senad always takes Amila by her hand (Photo: Senad Gubelic)
Whenever outside, Senad always takes Amila by her hand (Photo: Senad Gubelic)
When the sun sets and all plays have been played, Senad enjoys the warm family atmosphere. Laughter turns his rosy cheeks into bright red apples when the entire family gathers in the kitchen to jointly prepare French toast, their favourite supper. Senad shares his task with 16-year-old Ela. Senad holds the fork, Ela holds Senad's hand and together they vigorously stir the eggs.

After supper comes another cuddly part of great importance to Senad: bedtime reading. So far, this has been Ela's task, but as she'll be moving to the SOS Youth Facility in Sarajevo, mama Jasminka is taking over. Senad's favourite book is the Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. 'Wovewy Poooooh,' says the dozing boy.

When he falls asleep, Senad dreams of the kindergarten and all the friends he'll make there when he starts in September. He dreams of the crystal blue waters of the Adriatic Sea which he'll see for the first time this summer.

Senad doesn't dream of family evenings, French toast and little fingers pushing plastic pins. The kiss mama Jasminka plants on his forehead every midnight lets him know he has a family - the biggest thing in the world that gives you the smallest things in life and makes you so delightfully happy.

*For privacy reasons, the names of all children have been changed.