The Notorious RBG was a Trailblazer. She believed that potential is unlocked through a strong supportive environment.  When she was honored with the Berggruen Prize in 2019, RBG gave a portion of the award money to SOS Children’s Villages USA, an organization dear to her. We now seek to grow that gift by asking individual and corporate donors to join SOS Children’s Villages in protecting and educating orphaned and abandoned children and youth, and creating community programs that support at-risk teens as they discover their potential and reach for their dreams.


Throughout her life, Ruth Bader Ginsburg was committed to the importance of raising children in a stable and educationally stimulating environment. The daughter of an immigrant father, Ginsburg credited her trajectory in life to growing up in the United States at a time when she had the chance to go to school and succeed. She admired her mother and believed that had she been given the opportunities to advance her education, she would have made great achievements.

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