Strategy 2030

Far too many children are growing up without adequate care, without having their basic needs and rights met and without the foundation to become self-sufficient adults. Even more children – those living outside of households, the most vulnerable children of all – are not even being counted in development statistics. This situation is morally unacceptable, and for societies, completely unsustainable.

Our Strategy 2030 plan helps us respond to the changing needs in the communities where we work, and puts the most disadvantaged children at the center of all our actions.


Nearly 70 years of experience supporting children without parental care, and those at risk of losing it, have given us a deep understanding of how to care for children who need someone and how to help prevent the breakdown of parental care. We do this through innovative and effective partnerships with donors, communities, governments and other organizations.

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Our strategy directly relates and contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals in key areas such as poverty, inequality, education, health, social and child protection and fulfilling work.

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Our Objectives

To help many more children succeed in life.

To lead the world's largest child care movement.

To provide children with the best foundation to chase their dreams.

Our Strategic Initiatives

Ensure our alternative care programs are integrated into the community and utilize best practices from the UN Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children.

Increase our focus on preventing family separation and promoting quality care.

Coach and mentor young people to strengthen their independence and increase their employability.

Expand our advocacy to ensure that all children living in alternative care have the same opportunities to succeed wherever they live.

Empower care professionals and community members to mobilize in support of quality child care.

Create a simpler, more agile and digitally focused organization geared toward collaboration.

Invest in innovative and diverse fundraising opportunities to ensure long-term sustainability of our services to families and children.


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