Every child deserves to grow up in a loving, stable family.


A Child Alone

What You Need to Know

One in every 10 children — that’s 220 million children worldwide — is at risk of growing up alone. Many of these children have already lost their parents; others are in danger of losing them due to poverty, war, disease and other societal challenges. Alone in the world, these children face a bleak future. Without a stable and loving family, they are more likely to be forced into child labor, be trafficked, abused, recruited by armed groups, and worse.

children are at risk of growing up alone
children live in extreme poverty
children suffer from malnutrition
children are displaced due to conflict

What Can You Do?

Since 1949, SOS Children’s Villages has been working tirelessly to build strong families for the world’s most vulnerable children. Through the No Child Alone global campaign, we are working to make sure every child grows up in a loving, stable family. But we can’t do this alone. We need your help to make sure that every child has what they need to shape their own futures: a stable family, quality medical care and education.

1 in 10 children is at risk of growing up alone.

Without a stable family home, these children’s chances of a happy and healthy childhood are significantly diminished.

Your support can help:

Build Loving, Stable Families for Vulnerable Children

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A child growing up without a stable family has little or no chance at a happy and healthy childhood. When children cannot stay with their family or have no family, your support can help give them a safe home where they can grow up with an SOS Family at one of our more than 570 SOS Villages. With the support from a stable and loving SOS Mother, these children are given the guidance they need to thrive and pursue their dreams.

Strengthen Families At Risk of Falling Apart

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We believe the best place for children to be is with their biological families. Unfortunately, global challenges like poverty, war or natural disasters can put these families at heightened risk of breaking down. Your support can help us intervene before this happens, and provide them with the support the family needs to stay together and grow stronger.

Keep Children Safe During Humanitarian Crises

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When a humanitarian crisis strikes, children are always the most vulnerable. During these unstable times, children are more likely to be trafficked, abused or exploited. Some are even forced to flee their home countries by themselves in search of a better life.

For children who have become separated from their parents, you can support our programs that help reunite these children with their families. For those children who have lost their parents, your support makes sure that these children still have the chance to grow up in a loving, stable family.

'The Care Effect'

A new report to raise awareness and argue that ensuring quality parental care for children in vulnerable circumstances is one of the best investments the global community can make.

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