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Situation Overview

The political, social and economic problems around Europe are as diverse as ever, and so are the consequences for the children. In Eastern Europe many countries are still dealing with the legacy of the Soviet Union whilst others are the destinations for many migrants with a mixed reception by the local populations.

On the other hand, vulnerable children and families are suffering in the wealthier Western Europe because of rising wealth inequality and gentrification in the major cities.



Challenges for Children: Rising Inequality

According to UNICEF, almost 40% of children in Romania live in relative poverty (i.e., in a household earning less than 60% of the country’s median income). Even in more economically robust countries, children sufferin Germany, 15% of children live in relative poverty.  

Rising income inequality is a regionwide issue that disproportionally affects refugees and migrants. Youth from disadvantaged and minority backgrounds can also find it more difficult to enter the job market, especially if they don’t have the connections and resources to pursue their career of choice. 

Our Work in Europe: Opening Up Opportunities 

SOS Children’s Villages is continuously engaged in leveling the playing field for youth in Europe. Through SOS villages, as well as schools and empowerment programs, youth develop the skills they need to enter the job market. Internships with partners, extensive mentoring, and the opportunity to live in special homes while completing vocational training or secondary education are just some of the services we provide to help these youth fulfill their potential. Our programs give them the foundation to empower themselves and become their own advocates.  

Emergency Relief: Aiding Refugees and Displaced People 

To assist migrants and refugees journeying to Europe, SOS provides several services, including medical centers and youth facilities. We generally work with children and families inside refugee camps.  

SOS has also been well positioned to help people affected by the conflict in Ukraine. We support both families who are living in the conflict areas and those who have been internally displaced, providing them with medical, educational and social suppor

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