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Help Improve the Lives of a Community 

It takes a village to raise a child.

The SOS Village is a safe, supportive community of SOS neighbors, where children have access to psychosical support, medical centers, schools and recreational facilities.

Sponsor a village

By sponsoring a village, you support a whole community. A village sponsorship pays for qualified teachers, social workers, and childcare professionals, schoolbooks, uniforms, and food, as well as providing access to good healthcare, clean water and building maintenance. It also funds community projects, including our family strengthening programs working to help families to stay together. Many of the children we care for in the village have had difficult life experiences and for those children with specific needs, your contributions help us provide trauma counselling and psychological support.


You can transform the lives of a whole community of vulnerable children for just $35-a-month – providing them with an education, healthcare and most importantly, a family of their own.


What will my Village Sponsorship give children in my sponsored village?

  • The chance to grow up in a supportive family environment
  • Trained parents and caregivers
  • Secure homes
  • A quality education from qualified teachers and trainers
  • Access to healthcare 
  • The chance to belong to a supportive community.

Sponsor a Village

Sponsoring an SOS village is rewarding

When you sponsor an SOS village you will be supporting every child growing up in the village and those most in need in the surrounding community. Your regular donation gives young people a chance to grow and flourish in a supported and safe environment with a professionally developed care plan to take them to adulthood.

When you set up a sponsorship, within two weeks you will receive a welcome pack with information about your sponsored village. You will receive a photo and a short description of the village, as well as detailed information on the country where the village is located. In addition, you will receive a letter twice a year informing you of recent events at the village, which also covers basic up-dated information on the village and all other facilities and programs at the same location. 

Can I choose which village I sponsor?

You can request to sponsor a specific SOS village or let us select one that needs your help the most – it is up to you. You can browse our Where We Work pages to help you make up your mind.

If you'd like to talk to someone about Village Sponsorship, please feel free to reach out to our Sponsorship team at

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Sponsor an SOS village and give children the freedom and the possibility to fulfil their undeniable potential. 

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