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At SOS Children's Villages we stand together in support of children's rights by doing our part in informing communities about those rights.  We stand up to encourage children to speak up for themselves and be heard on issues that affect their own lives.  


We can't acheive sustainable futures for all children around the world without the help of our supporters.  See how you can get involved, and join our movement!

Sign the petition to end violence against children

Innocent children are suffering from violence all over the world. One billion children – over half of all children aged 2 to 17 – are estimated to have experienced emotional, physical and/or sexual violence. Violence can affect a child for the rest of their life, with severe consequences for a child’s physical, psychological and mental health. Speak out to end violence against children, including domestic violence, by signing the petition!


Give these children a voice

Abuse often remains hidden. Children suffer alone, feeling invisible. Don’t let their suffering go unseen. 

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Volunteer & Internship Opportunities


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