The war in Ukraine is disrupting the lives of millions of children, denying them their human rights and driving families apart. The situation is particularly desperate for children who lack parental care, as well as the many more children at risk of losing it. An entire generation of children risks growing up without the care they need. 


"We will support as long as the conflict lasts... we will support afterwards to rebuild and support children in need as long as it takes."​ – Julian Erjautz, Regional Emergency Advisor, SOS Children’s Villages



SOS Children’s Villages has been working in Ukraine since 2003. Our critical programs focus on strengthening families, providing loving homes to children who lack parental care, offering short-term care for children in crisis situations, training youth for employment, advocating for children’s rights and responding to emergencies. 

Our top priority is to protect the children and adults in Ukraine who rely on us for direct assistance. We’re gravely concerned for the safety and well-being of the children in Ukraine, as well as the children in our care in the surrounding countries in Europe. 

Our regional Ukraine crisis response and longer-term actions are to: 

  • Provide immediate support by relocating children and families from Ukraine out of high-risk zones to safety in the surrounding countries. 

  • Scale up efforts to receive and provide aid to refugees in Poland and Romania. 

  • Work with local partner organizations to provide food, critical supplies and much-needed psychosocial services. 

  • Strengthen families into the future by helping them recover and rebuild. 

Help the Children of Ukraine 

SOS Children’s Villages is on the ground in Ukraine, working tirelessly to keep children and families safe. Please donate right away so we can rush relief to those in Ukraine and the surrounding countries in Europe.



You can help children and families in Ukraine