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In Australia, as in many other wealthy nations, inequality is rising. It is estimated that up to 2.2 million Australians live in poverty. Adelaide, Australia was the site of a Children’s Village however, a family strengthening program remains in the Clayton Bay Area to support local, vulnerable families.

The region’s only village on Tahiti was created to address the lack of safety net for the children left without parental care. Unemployment rates for people under 25 is in some places as high as 50 percent - crippling their future and that of the island.  Meanwhile, the landed class and the French administrators can enjoy the beautiful surroundings, highlighting the inequality.

Our Work in the Region: Reversing Recent Trends

SOS alumni in Tahiti are able to stay in special homes after they leave the village to ensure that they live in good housing and don’t have to move into shanty towns. Our village and the SOS youth programs equip these young adults with the toolkit, the knowledge and the resilience to overcome the challenges that they will face on the island and in life.

The family strengthening program in Australia is committed to ensuring that the vulnerable families in the area are support adequately, just like the former village was. The family strengthening program, as an institution, is important for a community and its families.  

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