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Ways to make a Donation

Belonging to a home and family means feeling safe to be yourself and to dream freely about your future.

It also means having all-around support so you can chase those dreams. At SOS Children’s Villages, we foster that feeling of belonging while looking after each child’s needs and aspirations. You can be part of the world’s largest nongovernmental family care movement by donating to SOS Children’s Villages. Your gift will help provide care, a safe home and tools for orphaned and abandoned children so they can grow and thrive. It’s easy—donate online or by check. 


Offline Donation

We understand that donating online is sometimes not the preferred option. If that is the case, then please do not hesitate to contact us at to learn about others ways to give. 

If you would prefer to send a check instead of using a credit card, please make it payable to SOS Children’s Villages—USA and mail to Donor Relations, 1620 I Street NW #900 Washington, D.C. 20006

John M. Kidd

This partnership with SOS Children’s Villages brings our core values full circle and aligns with our Responsible Business commitment to Think People, Think Community and Think Planet … SOS provides to orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children more than just food and shelter; it provides them a chance to have a family and a future. Together with SOS, we will help transform lives through care, hospitality and compassion.

John M. Kidd

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Because of you, children are getting the care and support to shape their own futures. They are well on their way to becoming their own advocates, but there is a long way to go.