Poverty, armed conflict, violence and disease present overwhelming challenges for parents and threaten family stability. Too many children have been robbed of their childhood by having to carry so much of the burden of helping their family survive.


Far too often, an illness, a death of a parent or poverty forces children out of school, into unsafe work situations, sometimes even breaking families apart. When families are at risk, children are at a much greater danger of malnutrition, exploitation, abuse, child trafficking or abandonment.  



Join a steadfast group of supporters united with charity in their belief that every child deserves to grow up safe, protected and loved. Help vulnerable children by helping families and keeping children off the streets. You support will:


  • Send children back to school. 
  • Help families become independent and strong with vocational training, micro-credit and counseling. 
  • Keep children safe and families together during wars or other humanitarian disasters. 
  • Keep children and families healthy and strong with food, clean water and access to health care.


220 million children are at risk of growing up alone in the world. Give children that chance to belong to a family, grow up safe and dream freely about their future. 

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Julia Kendall

"As a college student, I don't have a lot of disposable income, but my monthly donation makes me feel like I am doing something to help the less fortunate."

Julia Kendall


A safe and loving home is more than a place to live. Surrounding children with a supportive environment helps nurture future generations who are optimistic about the world and feel secure enough to reach out and try to change their communities for the better. Open your heart to children in need. The future will be brighter because of you.

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For any questions involving your monthly gift, contact the SOS USA team at or 1 888-SOS-4KID.