Change or Update AutoPay Payment Methods & Contact Information

Easily update your credit card information, switch your payment method from credit card to direct deposit, update your billing address and contact information all online.

You can change the name on the credit or debit card, billing address or expiration date for an existing payment method. However, you can't change the card or account number. If the account number has changed, replace it with a new payment method, and the old payment method will be automatically deleted. 

If you do not have your SOS Children's Villages contact number on hand, our team will be happy to update your new contact details over the phone: (202) 347-7920

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Request a Tax Receipt

Tax receipts are usually sent automatically by us by mid-February each year and do not need to be requested separately. If you need to confirm your donation, you can request it by phone: (202) 347-7920 or by email: