SOS Children’s Villages USA Annual Report

Too many children must face the world alone, without their families. Some children experience the trauma of losing beloved parents; others suffer abuse and neglect and are either removed from their families or abandoned by them. When the unthinkable happens, SOS Children’s Villages is there, ensuring that these children have an equal chance at a brighter future. Through our comprehensive approach, we work with families to prevent family breakdown, offer long-term care for children in need and empower young people with the resources to reach their full potential.

Annual Report



children and their families to be stable and strong




children and youth with education and training




emergency response services to those affected by conflict or disaster


SOS Children’s Villages: Your Partner for Lasting Change

Every child needs love, care and a safe environment to thrive. SOS Children’s Villages delivers real value through innovative programs and services.

In the United States

  • 100% of SOS youth graduate from high school
  • SOS USA alumni are six times more likely to graduate from college than children from the traditional U.S. foster care system

Local Presence, Global Impact

SOS Children’s Villages strengthens families and supports children in 135 countries around the world. The SOS model is locally adapted to meet the needs of individual communities.

In fact, with 99.5% of our 37,000 global workforce hired locally, we empower communities to solve problems and build brighter futures. Lives transformed, not lives touched, is the true measure of our impact.

Below you can see how many countries SOS is active in per continent.

A Comprehensive Approach for Lifelong Success

The enduring success of our comprehensive approach relies on four focus areas– strengthening vulnerable families and communities, providing long-term care for children, educating and empowering youth and advocating for children’s rights.

Where Your Funds Go: Your Gift, Their Future

You can have peace of mind knowing that your donation will be used wisely by an organization that has received numerous accreditations, humanitarian awards and honors. Your gift will help traumatized children heal their physical and emotional wounds and mature into caring, healthy self-reliant adults. It is your support that makes this life-changing work possible.

Read more about your impact in our 2017 Annual Report.

Annual Report