Ukraine 2-year anniversary
Ukraine – March 5 2024

War in Ukraine: Two years of impact 

Partnering to help children and families find safety and overcome trauma 

Since the war began in February 2022, SOS Children's Villages in Ukraine has delivered humanitarian aid to more than 369,000 people—including 221,000 children—in Ukraine and in 15 neighboring countries. SOS Children’s Villages in Ukraine offers safe, trauma-informed care for children orphaned by the conflict and supports caregivers to prevent family separation. Approximately 80% of these people are internally displaced. 

Now, as we mark two years of heartbreaking crisis, SOS Children’s Villages in Ukraine seeks to ensure every child who has lost a parent or caregiver has a loving home. With more than 20 years of experience in Ukraine, SOS Children’s Villages provides training for new foster families in trauma-informed care, which is crucial for children with disabilities or those experiencing severe trauma from the war, including children who have regressed or lost the ability to speak.  

Together with generous donors like you and our dedicated partners like DHL, Borg Warner Inc, SOLV Energy, Federal Home Loan Banks and Adventures for the Mind Foundation, SOS Children’s Villages continues to keep siblings together, support family tracing and advocate for every child's right to grow up in a family filled with love and respect—in Ukraine and around the world. Thank you! 

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