Ukraine Emergency Response Update: One Year In- Nearly 277K People Helped – February 24 2023

Ukraine Emergency Response Update: One Year In- More Than 260,000 People Helped

SOS Children’s Villages continues to work tirelessly in Ukraine and the surrounding countries to protect children and families from the impacts of war. Below, please find the latest available updates about the situation and our efforts.

Situation Overview

Missile and drone attacks on energy infrastructure have continued over the past month. This has resulted in the disruption of energy supplies and widespread damage1. Civilians have been severely affected, especially due to the cold winter temperatures and intensive shelling, causing 504 civilian casualties between January 1-22. Of these, 132 people were killed, including eight children; 372 people, including 28 children, were injured2.

According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the war has led to an unprecedented displacement of civilians within Ukraine and across the borders3. More than 7.9 million Ukrainians have been registered as refugees in Europe and, although the number of internally displaced persons (IDPs) has been gradually decreasing, it is estimated at around 5.9 million, many of whom have been displaced several times4.

The security situation remains volatile and monitoring of the security environment throughout the country is ongoing, with a focus on SOS Children’s Villages’ operational areas. Humanitarian access continues to be hampered in newly accessible areas due to mine contamination, and insecurity remains the main reason for restricted access for both the population and humanitarian actors. Difficulties in freedom of movement also limit the ability of willing civilians to evacuate or access distribution centers.

War has increased children's risk of disease, violence, separation from their families, child trafficking and unexploded devices. In addition, the schooling of an estimated 5.7 million children has been disrupted and around 1.5 million children are at risk of mental health problems due to exposure to the horrors of war5.

SOS Children’s Villages in Ukraine

During 2022, SOS Children’s Villages in Ukraine has made unprecedented changes in its scope of work and expanded its impact to meet the increasing needs of children and their families due to the devastating impact of the war. While about 2,000 program participants were reported in 2021, in 2022, SOS Children’s Villages in Ukraine reached more than 125,000 direct program participants during the emergency response program (43% of them reached with the help of implementing partners). From two regions in 2021, SOS Children’s Villages in Ukraine has spread activities to 15 new regions—growing its presence to 70% of regions of the country.

In general, December was marked by constant attacks and the slow advance of Russia in and around Bakhmut (Donetsk). However, no incidents involving SOS Children’s Villages personnel from Ukraine have been reported. The safety and security of the staff, program participants and property remain one of the main priorities of our organization. All SOS Children’s Villages personnel in Ukraine is aware of the established safety and security procedures in case of missile attacks.

Activities in the Luhansk region, occupied by the Russian Federation, are currently suspended. Support in the Kyiv region continues, while 15 new regions were covered either through partners or through new SOS Children’s Villages centers.

Program Participants at SOS Children’s Villages in Ukraine

During December 2022, the total number of people served by SOS Children’s Villages in Ukraine grew to more than 270,000: 125,000 of whom were direct beneficiaries (41% adults and 59% children) from 46,905 families, including 13,000 new families during December. Currently, 43% of the program participants are covered through implementing partners. The total services provided during 2022 was more than 333,000. The number of children assisted through family-based care was 15,672.

We will continue to share the latest updates about our work in Ukraine as information becomes available.

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Children and Families in Ukraine Need Your Help

Our top priority is to protect children and their families in Ukraine and to support Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries. With the help of our generous donors, SOS Children's Villages keeps families together, reunites families that have been separated and protects children who are alone.