Take the Homecoming Challenge

What do you do when you come home? 

Barbara grew up in SOS Children’s Villages Florida: the first place that felt like her home. Now, she kicks off our #HomecomingChallenge by sharing her favorite coming-home routine. 

See Barbara's video here: 

What is the #HomecomingChallenge?

It’s your turn! We challenge you to create a short video (less than 20 seconds) of your routine when you come home. Post the video on Facebook, then tag 6 of your friends to do the same, using the hashtag #HomecomingChallenge.

SixDegrees, led by actor, musician and philanthropist Kevin Bacon, has partnered with SOS Children’s Villages to launch the #HomecomingChallenge through Kevin's new 6Tag platform!

What better feeling is there than coming home after a long day? Share your joy and relief as you turn the key and walk through your doorway in your own unique way… Home at last!

Why Focus on Coming Home?

Home is the only place where you get to be completely at ease. It means you get to kick off your shoes, use the voice you reserve for your dog, treat yourself to the food you’ve been fantasizing about all day, hug your partner, kiss your kids and finally sink into the couch. But sadly, many children don’t have a place to call home this holiday season. Neglected, abused or abandoned, they don’t get to experience the feeling of pure comfort you get from opening the door to your own safe space.

All children deserve to have a home where they feel nurtured and loved. We hope that the #HomecomingChallenge will highlight the urgent need to provide homes for children across the U.S.

Look who's taken the #HomecomingChallenge. Now it's your turn!

Help give every child that just-got-home feeling!

You can help ensure that children in need have a warm home and a caring family.


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