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Rwanda – January 12 2024

You gave Constantin a loving home

Three-year-old Constantin is a happy little boy with boundless energy. But only a year and a half ago, his health—and his future—were uncertain.

Constantin lived with his mother who suffered from mental illness, which made her unable to care for him. Instead of receiving nurturing attention and experiencing the milestones of toddlerhood—like tasting new foods, learning to walk and playing with family—Constantin was often left all alone, hungry and frail. 

At the tender age of 18 months, Constantin joined a loving home at SOS Children’s Villages in the Kayonza District of Rwanda. It was the fresh start he desperately needed.

When he arrived at the children’s village, Constantin was so weak from malnutrition that he couldn’t even stand up. Thankfully, his new caregiver, Yvonne, was wholeheartedly dedicated to helping him flourish.

“I gave him nutritious food and he started walking and later running,” Yvonne remembers. “Now he is very hardy! He runs around and likes to play with others.” Constantin is the youngest addition to his family and is cherished by his older siblings.

Today, it’s a challenge—and a delight—to keep Constantin still! He comes running into his house at noon on the dot, excited to eat lunch with his family. He races straight to Yvonne and jumps up onto her lap. Then, he drags his chair next to hers, sitting wedged between Yvonne and his older sister at the dining table. Constantin devours the delicious potatoes, carrots and beef that Yvonne has prepared, and he beams up at her with love. 

What a transformation Constantin has made! With nourishing meals and proper medical care, he’s the healthy, bubbly child he was always meant to be. 

While food and physical health are critically important, Constantin has so much more than that now. Constantin and Yvonne have developed a warm, trusting bond that brings them both such joy. The pair is practically inseparable: a perfect match!

Constantin appreciates what any three-year-old might about the treasured adult in his life: “I like my mother because she gives me cookies and sweets. I also like it when she reads to me,” Constantin says cheerfully about Yvonne.

After lunch, Yvonne patiently teaches Constantin to write the numbers 1 to 10. He adores writing and drawing—especially when he and Yvonne do it together. 

Your generosity made it possible for Yvonne to be there with the training and compassion to care for Constantin. Now, thanks to you, Constantin has the childhood he deserves! 

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