Women: The Forefront of Change for Rural Ethiopia's Health Crisis – March 7 2013

Women: The Forefront of Change for Rural Ethiopia's Health Crisis

Ethiopia's rural women deliver a positive health message

One child in every 11 dies as a result of preventable health conditions in Ethiopia. A quarter of the population – most of whom are illiterate and poor– live at least 10km from any health facility. Rural women are now at the forefront of change.


Pointing to a healthy future - Ethiopia's women playing a proactive role in preventative healthcare  © SOS Archives

The proactive role played by women has enabled thousands to carry home something that improves the lives of countless other women and children.

They have heard that preventative healthcare has helped reduce infant mortality by half over the past decade.  They also know that maternal health and modern family planning services can greatly improve the quality of their lives.

The services provided at SOS Medical Centres address the needs of such communities. Success is achieved by the provision of sophisticated laboratory testing, affordable treatment by professional teams. The women who dispense the services share something in common with those in need of medical services. This video demonstrates how they unite to deliver good health acrossEthiopia.