COLOMBIA – September 16 2019

Employability: A life by design

Empowering youth to follow their dreams: Francisco Javier Cerpa Agarita, 25, wants to turn his passion for handicrafts and design into a business.

“I always like to innovate when I build things,” says Francisco, who on a recent day shaped clay and wire into decorative flower vases.

Francisco, who lives in the youth facility of SOS Children’s Villages in Cartegena, Colombia, studied industrial product design at the local Fine Arts University.

He hopes to start a business where he designs and makes patented serial products. “I wouldn’t like to be an employee, I’d like to employ people,” he says. “I’d like to share all that I’ve learned and give other people opportunities."

On this International Youth Day 2019, where the theme is “transforming education,” Francisco is an example of how learning gives young people the tools they need to achieve their dreams.

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