October 13 2017

On the Ground: Mexico Earthquake

SOS staff are on the ground helping the community with recovery efforts by providing help with infrastructure and psychological support.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico—Last month, two powerful earthquakes, 8.1-magnitude followed by a 7.1-magnitude, rocked Mexico, killing more than 350 people. The first earthquake registered as the strongest to hit Mexico since 1985. After the earthquakes hit, severe damage to infrastructure was reported, including an elementary school, which collapsed and claimed the lives of at least 25 people, mostly children.

Fortunately, there were no injuries or damages reported from SOS Children’s Villages around the impacted communities. However, children and families living just outside of the Villages were not so lucky. Across the impacted areas, buildings and homes collapsed, families lost loved ones and livelihoods were destroyed.



For over 45 years, SOS Children’s Villages has been in Mexico responding to the immediate and long-term needs of vulnerable children and families. Due to our presence and strong ties to the local community, we were able to support the rescue of people trapped or buried under the debris of collapsed buildings.

Currently, our emergency response program focuses on supporting vulnerable people, particularly children, situated in the two cities hit hardest by the earthquake, Mexico City and Tehuacan. To support these impacted communities, we are providing:


  • Shelter for victims who have lost their homes,
  • Teams of psychologists and social workers who are supporting affected children and families,
  • Emergency medical kits to children, youth and adults who were injured during the earthquake,
  • Building and construction tools, materials and equipment to support rescue workers?, and

?Thanks to the continued support of our donors, we have been able to quickly and effectively launch emergency programs that address children’s unique needs during disasters or humanitarian crises. You can help by donating to our Children in Crisis Fund that goes directly to providing support for children and families in crises including medical care, food and shelter to areas affected by natural disasters and conflict.