USA – April 30 2020

Your notes of encouragement for SOS mothers

On International Women's Day (March 8), we emailed our supporters to ask them to send notes of appreciation and encouragement to SOS mothers at SOS Florida. We were thrilled to receive nearly 100 messages!

We had planned to deliver your notes in person to the mothers at SOS Florida, but because of COVID-19 restrictions, we sent them via email instead. Your kind words will help these incredible women feel supported—which is vital now more than ever, during this uncertain time.

Please enjoy reading these uplifting messages below!


"Bless you for helping those in need. Together with Love, we can change the world."

"Dear Lady: Thank you for what you have contributed to help a young child in need of motherhood care.  Please know that you are a great lady. And God bless you! Bests!!!  ---  Very Truly Yours, Miss Nancy Min Ji"

"Every successful SOS young woman is a tribute to your commitment, love and support to making dreams come true. Thank you for all you do!"

"Everyone should help."

"Girls/Women are equal to boys/Men"

"Go Strong!"

"God bless you!"

"Great Job. Without you so many would be lost. Maybe Forever."

"Hi SOS Supermom! I had the privilege of visiting the village this past fall and was blown away by Jill’s passion and all that you moms do. Your commitment to parent so many kids, the schedules you juggle, and most importantly, the lifelong impact you are having on the kids are truly heroic! You are leaving a legacy with each of those children, and on this International Women’s Day, in salute you! With appreciation and deep respect, Emily Chang"

"I applaud all the mothers who take of their time to help these young women to help direct their lives may God bless each and every mother who gives of their time."

"I greatly admire any one who takes on the arduous task of being a mom. But to take that on for so many children not your own, now that's amazing. God bless all of you, and the children too."

"I stand with you SOS mothers. Thank you for all you do!"

"I thank you for your commitment, courage and care in bringing up children who, thanks to you, will go into the world prepared to do the same for themselves and others.  We do not take this, or you, for granted.  Thank you for the things you do that we are able to see, and the many things that we will not see, or be aware of.  Thank you for making a difference and a better world for all of us."

"incredible effort, amazing different, stunning results. GOD BLESS YOU!"

"It is so wonderful to know that your caring and your love are helping the children under your care.  You truly are MOTHER in every sense of the word.  May you always have a full heart and the wisdom to guide the children under your care.   May many blessings descend upon you and your family. With love, Ann"

"It is time for you to truly know you are the light of the world in all that you do and who you are!"

"Just know that a lot of us are right behind you!"

"Keep doing the wonderful job you're doing every day!"

"Keep fighting for equality!  We believe in you. Men are afraid of intelligent ,hardworking women."

"Keep on doing the wonderful things that you do! :)"

"Keep up encouraging girls to be more than just a slave to man.  The men that don't approve are just insecure of the women around them."

"Keep up the good fight!"

"Keep up the good work you're doing."

"Keep up the good work!!!"

"Keep up the good work!"

"Keep up the good work."

"Keep up the wonderful encouragement and knowledge you are giving these girls."

"Let’s hear it for the girls??"

"love you and your dedication - muchas gracias."


"Mothering goes beyond biology, beyond birth origin and is most importantly established because of a commitment to give, unconditionally. Your giving has saved the children in your care and made them feel seen and know they are worth loving.  The multi generational impact of this cannot be overstated."

"On this special day we commemorate those women who fought for Justice and equality, just like you are doing right now.  Later it will be other women who will be inspired by you and commemorate you!"

"Stand strong."

"Stay strong."

"Thank you"

"Thank you for all that you do, it's so important and I'm admire your courage and strength."

"Thank you for all the good work you do. Love, blessings, peace."

"Thank you for all the great things that you do every day!  The world is a better place because of you!"

"Thank you for all the time, work & love you give. You change lives every single day"

"Thank you for all you do!"

"Thank you for all you do to make your community better."

"Thank you for all you do!!"

"thank you for all you do"

"Thank you for all you do."

"Thank you for devoting yourself to children in the SOS Children's Village. This is one of the most important jobs anyone can do."

"Thank you for doing so much!  You are appreciated!"

"Thank you for doing the work you do and for embracing the children and being an advocate for them when they have no one."

"Thank you for encouraging young girls to become accomplished women."

"Thank you for helping to make this world a better place."

"Thank you for helping with the most important job in the world!"

"Thank you for loving and caring for Khachik in Armenia, Aisha in Syria, and all the children at Jorpati Village in Nepal.  My kids love and appreciate you."

"Thank you for shaping a new generation of girls and for all you do."

"Thank you for the example you are setting for families."

"Thank you for the wonderful work you do!"

"Thank you for the work that you are doing!"

"Thank you for what you are doing to love, encourage and assist these children to become Leaders of the future!"

"Thank you for your beautiful gift of guidance and wisdom and protection for our next generation!"

"Thank you for your generosity to children in need of live and a home. May you be abundantly blessed."

"Thank you for your hard work!  You are strong and courageous!"

"Thank you for your love, affection, devotion. You have been the family to these children and the foundation of a new life for them! May the force be with you in every step of the path you light up."

"Thank you."

"Thanks for all you do for children"

"thanks for all you do for so many!!!!"

"Thankyou for being such a great SOS mom & inspiring young women & girls!"

"The work you are doing is truly life changing. There is nothing like the super human love that comes from a mother or a mother figure. Your love, dedication and support of these children is truly heart warming and inspiring. You are a special human being and a beautiful soul."

"There is strength in numbers!"

"To All the SOS Moms: You are the definition of a hero. You make countless sacrifices so that kids in foster care can know what it is to be part of a loving, stable, supportive family. You are an incredibly strong, courageous, selfless and kind woman who is changing the world on a daily basis. I am in awe of you."


"We are with you ??"

"We believe in you."

"We should overcome and we will"

"We thank you for what you do. May God bless you."

"We're all lucky to have you - not just children!"

"You are a gift to humanity!"

"You are amazing and loved back so many times each day. Because of YOU, the world is a better one ❤"

"You are appreciated.  Thank you for all you do!"

"You are awesome! You're doing a great job and making a real difference. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"You are great, keep going!"

"You are here for a reason and you are worthy of everything you dream and hope for! No one is like you and can ever be like you! You are so special and loved."

"You are the true Mothers of the future, creating the better future!"

"You are valuable to your girls and to the world's girls."

"You can do it."

"You have my support, among so many others!!!"

"You’re a hero every day!  Thank you so so much."

"Your awesome! Thanks for all your hard work."

"Your labor of love will not be unrewarded! Your children will be successful and caring beings because of interventions in their lives!"

"Your my inspiration!!!!??"

"Your work is crucial--keep it up!"

"Your work is wonderful"

"Your work with young girls and young boys is very necessary and very rewarding! YOU ALL ARE ROCK STARS!"

"You're so very much needed; thank goodness you're there!"

To everyone who wrote notes of encouragement to the mothers at SOS Florida: Thank you for helping spread the love. Your notes will bring smiles to the faces of these outstanding SOS mothers as they dedicate their days and nights to the children in their care.

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